5 Signs That Your Truck Needs a Tune-Up

5 Signs That Your Truck Needs a Tune-Up

blog2 5 Signs That Your Truck Needs a Tune-Up

Driving a truck is fun. But maintenance needs effort.

If you’ve been driving a truck for a while, you’ll learn to catch some obvious signs when something goes wrong. But if you’re an experienced driver, you’ll also know that not all problems can be recognised so easily. Sometimes, it isn’t until you’ve taken your truck for servicing that you’ll spot a major problem.

The ideal thing is to take your truck for servicing regularly. But if that isn’t always possible (and we all know it isn’t) here are some sure-shot signs that your truck needs a tune-up.

  1. Elevations and terrains put immense strain on the engine

    Do you find it difficult picking speed when you hit a steep road? Does your truck slow down despite you hitting the accelerator on rough roads?

    While you might choose to ignore it, this is one of the first signs that you need to take your truck for servicing.

  2. The truck makes unusual noises

    Did you just hear that engine clunking? Or that transmission grinding?

    Don’t ignore it. It could be a sign of something serious. Rather than waiting for the problem to escalate, get it repaired right now. It might also save you a few bucks.

  3. The check engine lights have come on

    It’s funny how so many truck drivers choose to ignore this like it doesn’t mean a thing. But this is actually like the problem staring at you right in the face.

    The check engine light wasn’t put there for nothing. It clearly means you need to get your truck engine checked.

  4. Your truck has started consuming a lot more petrol

    There could be a lot of reasons for this. Maybe your engine oil needs to be changed. Or the engine itself needs some repairing.

    The best person to ask is your mechanic. And the sooner you ask, the better it is.

  5. You can’t remember when you last gave your truck for servicing

    The truck, like most machines, needs regular servicing and maintenance. If you can’t seem to remember when was the last time you got your truck serviced, it’s a clear sign that you need to do it now.

    Not getting your truck repaired regularly doesn’t always show immediate signs. But in the long run, it always affects how the truck works.

    If you’re looking to get your truck checked from a professional mechanic or get a truck part replaced, get in touch with SGWS Truck Parts. We’ll help you find the best solution for your problem.

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